Seat-bed Fit2Go, M1-test approved


This M1 tested seat-bed CamperfiXX Fit2Go comes with a few unique characteristics

  • length of the matrass 200 cm
  • width of the matrass 120 cm combined with cupboard T5KL2 and  T5KL3 it will be 140 cm wide
  • safe, headrests and safetybelt
  • comfortable to sit and sleep
  • designed in compliance with EU regulations

Because of the unique characteristics this design is protected by patent  NL-2016413.

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Comfortable camper seat-bed with  cover

Sleeping well, especially on holiday, is nice. Sleeping comfort therefore came first when we designed our sofa-bed.

The mattress has a length of 200 cm, which makes the mattress longer than the mattresses of almost any other seat-bed available. If you want to lie comfortably, the thickness of the mattress is also important. In this case, the entire mattress is 10 cm thick; this thickness is thus not limited to the head end. This you will find in no other brand of seat-beds.

Aa an option we make the cover removable, by using zippers. How easy is that?

Because of a number of unique characteristics, a patent has been requested for this seat-bed, namely number NL-2016413

When the back is reclined, the sofa-bed has been transformed into a comfortable bed with a length of no less than 200 cm. In many cases, this is the same matress length as you have at home. You do want to sleep well on your holiday, right?

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approved sofa-bed that sits really comfortably - 2 seat/bed system

The purpose of a camper is to travel. If the seating comfort of the seat-bed is low, making a long trip with a camper is no pleasure.

During the designing phase, we have sat on a great deal of chairs and couches. A chair or couch is only comfortable when the seat has been installed at a slight angle. If the seat cushion is completely level, it feels as if you slide off, which is not comfortable.

The seat cushion of the CamperfiXX seat-bed is not level as it has been installed at a 9-degrees angle. Because of the special construction, the seat cushion is level when the couch has been lifted and pulled out into lying position. 
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An approved sofa-bed that is safe

Our sofa-bed has been designed in close consultation with the M1 Pull tested RDW (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) and it meets the EC guidelines. How safe! Just like the back seat of a passenger car, our sofa-bed has been fitted with two head rests and two three-point safety belts.

The sofa-bed has been tested extensively. You can see the pull-crash test in the picture. The last test was conducted on March 10, 2016 and proved that our sofa-bed meets the applicable European guidelines. The test has been conducted with a VW T5 long edition. Our sofa-bed may be used in a VW T5 and T6, both the short and long edition. Shortly, we will also test our sofa-bed in the Opel Vivaro and the Renault Trafic.

Certification has almost been completed and the first items will leave the factory in the third week of March. Like our camper cupboards, the product is manufactured in The Netherlands.

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A sofa-bed tested with a pull force of about 84.000 N

We have filmed this test, which you can see on the right. During this test, the sofa-bed has been pulled with a force of no less than 84,000 N! You can achieve this force by hanging a weight of 8,400 kg on the sofa-bed and you can compare it to a car colliding frontally with a speed of 55 km/hr.

Incidentally, we have made a hole the size of a Reimo sleep lift roof in the roof of this VW T5. We have not reinforced the roof afterwards. After the test, the bodywork proved not to be distorted at all.
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Camper seat-bed with two seating positions

If you want to have much living space, you can slide the seat-bed backwards. If you want to cook or sit around the table that can be hooked to the kitchen, you slide the seat-bed forwards. The back part of the seat-bed is fixed and cannot be moved. Beneath this part, there is enough space to store two lawn chairs.

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When the back is reclined, the seat-bed has been transformed into a comfortable bed with a length of no less than 200 cm. In many cases, this is the same matress length as you have at home. You do want to sleep well on your holiday, right?

CamperfiXX Fit2Go

Free floor

CamperfiXX has chosen a free floor. Isolating the floor is therefore very easy. You can also decide for yourself how to finish the camper floor. Anything is possible, think of laminate, carpet, wood or vinyl.

A free floor has another big advantage. Sand or dirt may collect in rails; just see how to remove this during your holiday.

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Handy drawer for under the sofa-bed

Of course you want to optimize the space in your camper. Beneath he camper seat-bed, a drawer can be fitted.


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Storage space for lawn chairs under the sofa-bed

Our sofa-bed consists of three parts; the back is a fixed part. Under this part, there is enough space to store lawn chairs, for instance.


Camperfixx fit2go

Sales price camper seat bed CamperfiXX Fit2Go


camper seat-bed type CamperfiXX Fit2Go, VAT included and shipping costs excluded

£ 3.100

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